Lil Tjay’s Associates Shot and Injured Shooting Suspect During Robbery

 Lil Tjay’s Associates Shot and Injured Shooting Suspect During Robbery

Lil Tjay’s shooting suspect was reportedly shot and injured by the rapper’s associates.

The attempted murder suspect charged for shooting rapper Lil Tjay during a robbery attempt while he was at Edgewater shopping center in New Jersey was also shot, a police report says.

According to a police report filed by prosecutors, the accused Mohamed Konate, 27, suffered a gunshot wound which was discovered after his arrest at a hospital in New York City. He was nursing multiple gunshot injuries.

The report also detailed Lil Tjay’s injuries noting that he received severe injuries as he was shot multiple times in the thoracic cavity (upper body). It’s unclear if any of his vital organs were hit. Not much has been shared publicly, but the prosecution pointed out that the rapper is still hospitalized and in a serious condition.

According to the report, the accused was also assisted by an “unidentified co-conspirator” after he shot the rapper and was fired upon by Lil Tjay’s associates, who were also injured during the incident.

Police say that after he was shot, the suspect was dragged into a waiting BMW motorcar which sped away with him.

Surveillance footage obtained by the police shows that the same car pulled up to Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side at 12:29 a.m, less than a half-hour after the shooting, and let Konate off.

A witness has confirmed that Konate was shot and injured, and the eyewitness also shared the detail about the BMW.

Konate, who is from New York City, has been charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, and weapons offenses.

According to the police, he shot Lil Tjay as well as his associates Jeffrey Valdez, 24, and Antoine Boyd, 22, who were with him at the mall.

The police document says that one of Lil Tjay’s associates told cops that Konate walked up to the rapper’s red Dodge Durango while they were inside and demanded their jewelry while pointing the gun at them.

In the meantime, cops have taken Konate’s clothes that he turned up at the hospital in and said it is being used in evidence as mulch from a flower bed at the mall where the shooting occurred was present on his clothing.

In the meantime, Lil Tjays associates are recovering from gunshot wounds. Boyd was shot, and both men were charged with possessing an unlawful weapon.

They are being held at Bergen County Jail, prosecutors said.

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