Cardi B Says She Was Setup With ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Rolling Stone Rank

 Cardi B Says She Was Setup With ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Rolling Stone Rank

Cardi B says she was setup to be criticized after her Rolling Stone album ranked higher than a lot of classics.

Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy album was recently listed on Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums line-up at No. 16, ahead of many big-name artists and many hip-hop fans were not pleased.

In a new interview, Cardi B reacts to the listing as she jokes that Rolling Stone set her up for hip-hop fans to roast her, given that she ranked higher than most rappers, including some who are considered historical figures in rap.

The publication announced in June that the relatively young album, released in 2018 and her debut studio album, landed in the top 16 behind the likes of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die, which held the No. 1 spot.

The Bronx rapper says she woke up to social media users dragging her about the decision that had nothing to do with her.

“They was dragging me like ‘How dare them put Cardi before Nas.’ … I was like, oh my goodness. I just woke up and I’m getting my ass dragged. I didn’t even ask for this,” Cardi B told Angela Yee.

Cardi B, however, said while she understood why some fans were displeased, her album is also one of the biggest hip-hop albums overall, and she has the numbers to prove it.

“I understand that but it’s like, bitch, I ain’t m*****g ask for it,” she said. “You know, I understand that people feel a certain type of way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work or my album because your mother was listening to my sh*t, your b***h was driving, listening to f****g ‘Be Careful.’ All y’all b****s, all y’all h**s. So it’s like, don’t even try it.”

The “Hot Sh*t” rapper also mused that sometimes publications make decisions to go viral by capitalizing on the power of the artists.

“Of course they’re gonna use a bitch like me. … It’s gonna start a stir,” she said, noting that the same has been done in the past and made her a “punching bag” for bullies online.

“Yeah, it was, like, a setup. … Rolling Stone, you trying to set me up,” Cardi said. “You got my ass dragged on a f****g Tuesday for no reason.”

Cardi also had a direct word for those disrespecting her.

“I understand where y’all coming from. … But at the end of the day, like, don’t drag my sh*t,” she said. “Don’t f****g disrespect my craft,” she said.

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