Shaggy Went Off On SummerJam Stagehands Who Tried To Cut Set

todayJuly 8, 2022

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Shaggy went off on SummerJam stagehands for trying to remove his set during his performance in Germany.

The international superstar was noticeably annoyed during his SummerJam performance three days ago in Cologne, Germany. In a video shared online, Shaggy goes off on an expletive-laden rant at an unidentified person over his gears.

Shaggy, along with the Reggae band Third World, were the headliners for the massive European reggae festival that takes place annually in July at the Fühlinger See, a lake in Cologne, Germany.

Everything appeared to be going well at the start of his performance as he began his set with his song “Ah Wah Do Dem,” and he went on to get the crowd riled up in his usual electrifying way, that proves he is one of the greatest reggae/ dancehall entertainers.

A 1:22:00 minutes video was shared online of the singer’s performance, but around 1:17:17, it appears that the promoters began to remove the singer’s set, which set him off.

Just as Shaggy was wrapping up performing his 2005 hit sing “Wild 2Nite”, a man can be seen running up on the stage and disconnecting things on the stage.

“P***y if you touch mi blood****t gear, mi and you inna problem, s**k unu mada,” Shaggy let off a Jamaican slang insulting the person on stage.

“Everybody a go over pan dis blood****t every night unu can come touch touch my thing, s**k unu mada,” an irate Shaggy says as he finishes up his set in another four minutes.

Shaggy then dives into his motivational anthem, “Feel The Rush,” much to the excitement of the fans.

The artist gets applause from his fans as they clearly enjoyed his set.

It seems that Shaggy didn’t have any bad feelings toward the event as he ended his performance by saying, “Big up to Summer Jam, big up every artist that’s here.”

At the end of the video, Shaggy is seen speaking to a stage manager, but a dissatisfied crowd begins to boo loudly because the promoter appears to have cut short his set.

On his Instagram post, Shaggy appears to have commented about the incident.

“Thanks to all the fans who came out to see us and show love in Koln’ big up to all reggae/ dancehall acts who respect and fight for this culture! #reggae #dancehall culture,” Shaggy captioned a video of him on stage.

Summer Jam attendees confirmed that power to Shaggy’s set was cut by the promoters because Shaggy went over by 10 minutes on his performance time.

Some fans shared why they were upset. “I mean rightly pissed off. You don’t just turn off the juice for a Shaggy,” one person said.

Another person added, “Everything is so tightly timed, there is hardly any room left for spontaneous encores. Excessive security agencies and [attendees] who complain about everything.”

“Summer Jam crew was dis year disrespectful to some artists… even part of summer jam massive act like no understanding roots and culture…big up shaggy and all who appreciate and show love,” another fan added.

While Shaggy has not officially addressed what occurred, there are unconfirmed reports that some aspects of Summer Jam were poorly organized, particularly the sound where attendees at the back could not hear the music while others like Shaggy had to talk in between his set due to sound problems on the part of Summer Jam. That reportedly caused the artist’s time to run out as he had to deliver impromptu entertainment on stage while the sound engineers worked.

Additionally, reggae artist Protoje also had his set interrupted after the festival organizers reportedly disrupted his performance twice by letting off fireworks. Protoje’s performance has been removed from Summer Jam’s YouTube page.

Summer Jam has not addressed what happened with Shaggy as yet.

Written by: SuperUser

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