Rick Ross Taking Gillie Da Kid Beef To Next Level With His Own Podcast

 Rick Ross Taking Gillie Da Kid Beef To Next Level With His Own Podcast

Rick Ross appears to be taking his beef with podcaster Gillie Da Kid to another level by going into the podcast game.

Even when it’s not rap Rick Ross seems to court beef. In what looks like it will be his next war, it seems he and Gillie Da Kid are about to get into it.

It all started after Gillie presented a version of events about a meeting he had with Lil Wayne, his long-time nemesis, at Jackson State University, in which he claimed that he had Weezy shook. He made the comments while interviewing multi-platinum producer Southside.

Not long after he made the statements, Young Money president Mack Maine posted a clip of the meeting in which Lil Wayne can be seen not only smiling but very relaxed.

That’s when Biggest Bawse jumped into the arena and, in no uncertain words, called the podcast host a fraud. Gillie didn’t take too kindly to that statement and, in his most recent episode, had some heated words for Ross.

“‘I just bought a cow’ and all this dumb. … You know I was gonna bake you n***a, I seen you in them comments n***a, you knew I was gonna bake your goofy ass,” he said during the show.

He added several other comments, some suggesting that Rick Ross was looking to stay relevant in the game as he’s aging. He also called out Ross’ Correction Officer’s past and accused him of being part of the system that incarcerated young rappers at the time. He finished the rant by telling Ross to stay away from him and not even think about calling him out.

Many fans expected a heated back and forth between the two, but it seems Ross wants to crush Gillie at his own game.

On Thursday, July 14, the “Diced Pineapples” rapper used his Instagram Story to announce that he intends to launch his own podcast. Rick Ross added that he was serious about the venture and wanted fans to help him name it. He also sweetened the deal for whoever the fan is that helps him to name the podcast.

“So guys I woke up just had a beautiful idea a boss idea. Ima start a podcast. Yup, Ima start a podcast, dead-ass serious, and guess what? I want you to help me name my podcast and if I decide to use your name, guess what? Ima bless you with the Holy Trinity,” he said.

It really would be the business opportunity of a lifetime for one lucky fan since the Trinity that Ross was speaking about was some very high-end liquor which he also showed off on Instagram. The fan would get one bottle each of Belaire, Villon, Bumbu, McQueen And The Violet Fog. The video showed an impressive collection that was only the tip of the iceberg in his liquor collection.

It didn’t take long for Gillie Da Kid to respond to the news with some fiery words. He also took to Instagram and used a flyer of Rick Ross back in his correctional officer days with the caption Lock It Up Podcast W/ Rick Ross.

“I got ur name 4 ur podcast @richforever aka The Mickey Mouse Show. Ur history ain’t right to f**k with me u betta leave that alone,” he added.

It’s quite strange for some fans to see a rapper and a podcaster beef, but it’s still quite entertaining.

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