Latto Says She’s Donating Money From “P*ssy” Song About Roe v Wade

 Latto Says She’s Donating Money From “P*ssy” Song About Roe v Wade

Latto is pushing back against critics who are accusing her of attempting to profit off of the recent attention the Roe v Wade judgment brought.

The news about the United States Supreme Court overturning the constitutional right to abortion principle made news headlines worldwide last week. Many women across the world including Atlanta rapper Latto reacted to the ruling that reversed Roe v. Wade to now allowing individual states to determine abortion rights for the citizens of their respective states.

Shortly after the ruling, Latto announced the upcoming release of her song “Pussy” and even shared a 22-second snippet of the song on Twitter on Wednesday night which addressed the Roe V Wade reversal and noted that all proceeds will be donated to causes to support women in need of abortion or medical support involving abortions.

Some social media users however took issue with Latto making the announcement given its serious nature and accused the singer of attempting to capitalize on it to promote her career.

“Using serious issues to promote your song is wild…,” a Twitter commenter said which prompted the artist to respond swiftly.

“Orrrr I took my frustrations to the booth like a RAPPER & using my platform to spread awareness,” Latto schooled the critic.

She also clarified that she is passionate about the issue and spoke about it immediately after the judgment, even before other people became enraged by the ruling.

“I literally spoke on [the issue of abortion] briefly in my BET acceptance speech but go awf.”

In her acceptance for Best New Artist, Latto ended her acceptance by saying, “It’s never giving a man policing my body.”

Meanwhile, the RCA label artist announced that she will be donating proceeds from the song.

“I actually am donating proceeds,” she said. “Yall be the same ones saying, ‘Why u gotta post everything’ if I do & assume I’m not doing it if I don’t post it. lol. However, I AM using my power (platform) to make a change regardless. Shut yo fake woke ass up, what are YOU doing?”

She lamented, “Y’all complain about female rap lacking substance but then say I’m ‘capitalizing’ when I speak on s**t. Help me understand?”

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