NBA YoungBoy Announces Major Tour After Acquittal In Federal Gun Case

todayJuly 17, 2022

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“A tour is next around the states,” a seemingly tired but excited NBA YoungBoy revealed on Friday evening after he was acquitted of felony gun charges in California.

The rapper was found not guilty after a jury came back with a verdict that favored him after four days of trial, and according to his attorney, he put down his head and cried when the verdict was read.

NBA YoungBoy was facing between 7-10 years in prison if found guilty of the gun offense, and now, it seems that he is also officially off of house arrest as he confirmed that his next plan is to tour the United States to meet and greet his fans.

In an interview with Lawyer for Workers’ Moe Gangat, YoungBoy Never Broke Again shares the news along with how he felt during the trial.

When asked about how he felt during the case, the rapper said he relied on his lawyer’s guidance throughout the trial, although he was nervous.

“I ain’t think nothing except what my lawyers told me. I wasn’t sure the whole time though,” he says.

He added that as the case unfolded and the prosecution tried in vain to have damaging evidence against him admitted, he knew in his heart he was innocent of the charges.

“I had a confident feeling about some things inside of my heart for sure,” he added.

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy leaving court, July 14, 2022

The rapper also said he only listened to his own music during the trial as Gangat asked him about how he coped with the stress and pressures the trial might bring, knowing he is facing many years in jail if unsuccessful in his defense.

“I ain’t listen to nobody but myself since I been in L.A,” he said.

NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was arrested on March 22, 2021, by federal agents along with the LAPD after executing a federal warrant on the rapper from a 2020 arrest in Louisiana.

The rapper’s attorneys accused the feds of playing dirty, knowing that the warrant was outstanding, and could have contacted his attorneys since the case was ongoing.

The rapper was stopped while traveling in Los Angeles, but he took feds on a chase before leaving the vehicle and running into a community to escape officers. His attorney in court noted that the prosecution’s attempts to paint the escape as wrongdoing should be disregarded as black men run from cops for various reasons.

In this instance, the rapper was found by a K-9 officer, and police allegedly found a handgun on the floorboard of his Maybach SUV. However, the prosecution failed to tie the gun to YoungBoy as several people were also in the car.

In his ongoing Louisiana case, his attorneys claimed that the police has a “YoungBoy Never Free Again” campaign to lock up the rapper.

On Friday, his attorney Andre Belanger shared his pleasure at the rapper beating the case.

“[NBA YoungBoy] was acquitted and walked out the courtroom saying he was never guilty of this,” Belanger said. “I am grateful we could challenge what little evidence they had before 12 people. This verdict shows the power of a jury and the ability to check government power.”

In the meantime, the rapper who was released from jail on house arrest via a $1.5 million bond last October is finally free from house arrest.

As part of his bond conditions, he lived in Layton, Utah, under the guidance of a senior mentor.

NBA YoungBoy’s Louisiana trial is also set to start this month.

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