Lil Durk’s Doppelganger Reveals Huge Income For Features & Appearances

 Lil Durk’s Doppelganger Reveals Huge Income For Features & Appearances

Lil Durk’s doppelganger, Perkio, says he is making a fortune recording verse and making appearances.

These days rap lookalikes are finding ingenious ways of making money without actually working like the people they are impersonating. As if a Drake lookalike wasn’t enough, a man impersonating Lil Durk is bolding advertising his fees for a feature and tours.

Lil Durk’s lookalike was called Perkio as a joke by Durk fans who found his resemblance to the rapper uncanny. However, while he has been making appearances for cash due to his resemblance to the rapper, it seems that Perkio is now taking a step further as he seeks to bite a chunk off of the rapper’s own income.

On Monday (July 18), Perkio revealed that he is accepting bookings for tours and features. “Features $5K, shows $10K don’t hit my line if y’all ain’t got money,” he wrote in an Instagram story.

The bold disclosure has shocked Lil Durk fans, and some even asked some very pertinent questions as to what would one be getting in return when a booking is made, as Perkio is not known to have any musical talent and while everyone is free to do features and hold shows, what they intend to perform in those activities is a serious matter that could give rise to liability.


While Lil Durk has not reacted to the post, Durk appeared to endorse the young man whom he met and even shared photos with and whom Perkio has said was nice to him.

After the post went viral, many Lil Durk fans had questions for Perkio as to how he intends to carry out his business.

“Feature of what ?” one Durk fan asked. “Making Money As A Clone Gotta Be The Biggest Scam In History,” another person wrote. “Somebody in North Dakota might book em and tell his city that’s Durk,” another person wrote.

Perkio is not unknown to the media as he learned a lesson months ago that when he impersonates someone, he also inherits their enemies.

Earlier in the year, Perkio got caught in the ongoing drama with Tekashi 6ix9ine, who, along with another YouTuber, seemed to have misled Perkio about showing up at an event, only for him to realize that 6ix9ine was there and the reason he was there was to participate in the Brooklyn rapper’s music video as a diss to the real Lil Durk and King Von.

Of course, he was caught on camera and took some pains to explain himself, but it seems that Lil Durk was not mad at the situation. It remains to be seen what the rapper will think of this new stage of brazenness.

Lil Durk is not the only one dealing with a lookalike. There is another lookalike impersonating Drake, who has been taking club bookings in Miami pretending to be the Toronto rapper.

Drake has not intervened in Fake Drake’s hustle, however.

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