Popcaan Trolls His Mother Miss Rhona Using Mase Jesus Chain

 Popcaan Trolls His Mother Miss Rhona Using Mase Jesus Chain

Popcaan trolls his mother Miss Rhona using Mase and his shenanigan amid his feud with Fivio Foreign.

Former Bad Boy rapper Mase is under fire by fans after it was revealed that he signed New York rapper Fivio Foreign for $5,000. Mase had garnered the sympathy of fans who previously supported him after he claimed that Diddy gave him a raw deal and allegedly stole his masters.

The rapper, however, seems proud of low-balling Fivio Foreign as he shared a brief comment and joked about the situation while throwing shade at Diddy.

In his recent Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Fivio says he is locked in with Mase’s label RichFish Records after being signed for $5,000. The drill rapper was candid as he explained that he didn’t know much about the music industry and was pressured to sign the deal.

In a separate video, Mase reacts to the criticisms he has received as he sends a diss to Diddy in a sneak peek of an interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

“$5,000, man,” Wallo says to Mase as he’s sipping water before Gillie adds: “N**a ain’t sht.”

Ma$e didn’t seem phased as he added, “Diddy 2.0,” before walking away. The rapper has not missed a single opportunity to mention Diddy often in a bad way. Last month his music set at Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas had issues, and he claimed that Diddy paid someone to get at him.

At the time, he was about to perform his “Mo Money Mo Problem” hit single with The Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy when there were technical difficulties for at least 10 minutes, cutting his performance off as his time had expired.

The rapper was, however, angry and refused to leave the stage so he could perform the song. He added that he is used to being hated on and alleges that Diddy might’ve paid someone to sabotage his performance.

Meanwhile, Diddy has never addressed the incident, but his mother shared her feelings about the entire situation during an Instagram Live Diddy did week, where he thanked some of the former Bad Boy rappers for being on his debut album No Way Out, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary.

“Don’t mess with my son,” Janice Combs said after Diddy shouted out everyone, including Ma$e.

Screenshot Popcaan IG

In the meantime, Mase’s latest response has attracted the attention of OVO artist Popcaan who reacted to a meme of the rapper.

“Miss rhona see yuh chain ya! Right around mase neck,” the artist posted with several laughing emojis as he pointed out the “Jesus” pendant that Mase wore. The former Bad Boy rapper previously claimed to be a preacher and follower of Christ.

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