Fivio Foreign Takes Credit For Reviving Mase Career

todayAugust 8, 2022

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Fivio Foreign has no intention to stop taunt Mase and is even taking credit for reviving the former Bad Boy rapper’s career.

The back and forth between the two started back in July, following a Fivio Foreign appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. During the interview, the Brooklyn rapper claimed that in 2019 he signed a questionable recording contract with Mase’s RichFish label. He even controversially revealed that his production deal included a paltry $5,000 advance.

Eventually, Mase got word of what was said and disputed Fivio’s account of events saying the rapper was given much more money later in the contract.

The “Tell Me What You Want” rapper even gave financial details about how part of the contract broke down.

“At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000… because I set him up to do a deal to where I can control the deal, make the deal what it should be because I knew if he had the leverage, he would go in there and sell both of us out,” he said.

According to Mase, when they attended that meeting, he took $800,000, and the “Top Notch” rapper took $700,000. He added that the offer went down to $700,000 because he gave him $750,000, and he took $750,000, so Fivio still owed him $50,000.

Fivio Foreign followed up his previous claims by revealing that he was in the studio working on an unreleased track that is a definite sample of Mase’s 1997 hit “What You Want” featuring Total.

Now, he’s back at it and once again took to Instagram to share that, according to him, he single handily revived Mase’s career. In the clip, he again looks to the track “What You Want” for inspiration.

“Single handidly bringing n****s bacc to life,” Fivio captioned the post. As a further taunt, he added laughing and fire emojis.

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