Monochromatic Panelled Minimal Sneakers : phantom colorway

 Monochromatic Panelled Minimal Sneakers : phantom colorway

Nike delivers a new monochromatic design of its iconic Air Max 90 silhouette with the new Phantom colorway palette to join the roster. It is reminiscent of the brand’s Panda colorway with the black and white hues that adorn the shoe.

This time around, the retro sneaker features a construction of mesh and leather materials with black making up the midsole section, tongue, lining, border area, lacing portions, heel, and the Swoosh emblem. This is then met with contrasting hues of off-white, pale grey, and white throughout the shoe to create a vintage feel. The monochromatic paneling creates a dynamic look across the entire shoe and adds some dimension throughout every different layer of the signature sneaker.

Image Credit: Nike

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