Ice Cream Truck-Inspired Sneakers : N9002 Collection

 Ice Cream Truck-Inspired Sneakers : N9002 Collection

Anderson Bluu and Diadora work in collaboration on the new N9002 Collection that is inspired by ice cream trucks. Bluu talks about the new capsule, stating that “It’s not Summertime in New York City until you hear the jingle of the ice-cream truck coming down your block. I wanted to create a sneaker design that felt nostalgic for people of all ages.”

He shines a spotlight on the popular flavors of Vanilla Cone and Chocolate Cone as the main design focus. The first of the two features pink and blue leather detail to resemble the elook of rainbow sprinkles. The second iteration has brown logos and overlays to mimic the look of chocolate themes throughout.

Image Credit: Diadora

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