Gaza Kim Returns With New Music Still Reps Vybz Kartel Movement

 Gaza Kim Returns With New Music Still Reps Vybz Kartel Movement

There’s no taking away the Gaza title from Gaza Kim. The deejay remains committed to the moniker of the empire that was founded by Vybz Kartel, even if she hasn’t been active on the dancehall scene for the last ten years.

Fans of the Gaza Empire would remember just how fast the songstress was coming up back in the 2000s before she was allegedly beaten by other members of the camp. It was a fight that was made very public and eventually led to her pulling back from the genre, but despite the negative connotation, she still believes in the Gaza way of life.

In the years that followed, her popularity declined, and she eventually split ways with the Worl’Boss. Now the once popular artist, whose real name is Kym Hamilton, has returned with a single called “Bubble Up.” Her story is quite inspirational, considering the fact that many believed that she fell off the scene because she had gone into a deep depression following how suddenly her career seemingly ended.

She spoke with the STAR recently and explained that she was not bitter about the past and had come to realize that everything that happened in the past was for a reason and that those dark times made her into the successful woman that she is today.

She even had well wishes for the former Portmore Empire boss, Vybz Kartel, who she added she hoped things would work out for regarding his current incarceration. The “Moving On” artist shared that she was able to focus on herself in 2016 and so was able to free herself of the negativity of her past.

It seems she began to lean on her Christian faith back then as she added that Jesus forgave people who did all sorts of bad things to him, and that inspired her to forgive the wrongs that were done to her.

In April, she signed with Killa Imij Records, and the same label produced her new single. She had praises for her new team as she said they truly believed in her career.

“The Killa Imij team, I must say that they are really interested in my career and I feel comfortable working with them. I have always been recording, but people would always ask ‘So Kim, how mi nah hear yuh?’ But dem a hear mi now. Bubble Up has 500,000 streams on Spotify and my listeners increase as well. I am happy,” she continued.

She was also very thankful to her family and close friends as she highlighted her mother’s unwavering support. She added that her mother always encouraged her and told her that she has an amazing voice that she should share with the world.

Gaza Kim also said that she was honored to still be a part of youth culture and to be a positive influence on the people that she has met.

“I have met so many young people who say ‘Kim I want to be you.’ They see me as a role model and I owe it to all of them to succeed,” she continued.

She’s slowly rising once again in the very competitive genre but is confident her return would be appreciated, especially since she’s already garnered 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The video has also been doing well on YouTube as, since its release in July, it already has over 400,000 views.

Check out the single below.

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