Texture Printed Technical Streetwear : memories of exotics

 Texture Printed Technical Streetwear : memories of exotics

Fashion imprint Y-3 delivers its new Memories of Exotics collection that marks its fourth and final installment of the overarching 20 Years: Recorded narrative. The themed collection features a range of reimagined classic shapes that are done by adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto.

The year-long theme stems from collective memory as the fourth chapter highlights a rebellious perspective to design. It delivers a range of animal prints and classic iconography through all-over graphic accents. This includes leopard prints that detail expressive fabrics or functional shapes along with footwear options as well. The sneakers include the ‘Y-3 TERREX SWIFT R3 GTX, the Y-3 ULTRABOOST 22, the Y-3 RUNNER 4D, the Y-3 QASA and the Y-3 MAKURA.’

Image Credit: Y-3

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