Wynonna Judd DENIES She & Ashley Judd Are Fighting Over Mom Naomi’s Will

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No sisterly drama here — so says Wynonna Judd!

As we’ve previously reported, Naomi Judd left nothing to her famous daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, in her will. Instead, she chose her husband Larry Strickland as the executive of her estate. If her partner of 33 years wasn’t able to serve as executive, she appointed her brothers-in-law Reginald Strickland and Daniel Kris Wiatr as co-executors. So it’s not up to the sisters at all whether they get any of their mom’s $25 million fortune — their mother shut them out completely!

In early August, reports came out claiming Wynonna was pissed! She had obviously helped build that fortune through her work in their award-winning group The Judds — so she believed she was entitled to some of it, insiders claimed. Ashley, it was said, didn’t have a problem with this decision, though — but she had her movie money.

After it was revealed the youngest Judd was “shut out” of the farewell tour by her older sis — it seemed old arguments were being brought to the surface. One source said at the time:

“[At first] Ashley and Wynonna really leaned on each other in their grief over Naomi’s death, but you knew it was only a matter of time before their ages-old sisterly issues would resurface.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound good… All the drama from what Ashley penned in her 2011 memoir All That Is Bitter and Sweet — she said Naomi would “play favorites” between the duo and often felt like she was “the forgotten Judd child”. All this might’ve been starting to boil over again…

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But according to Wynonna that’s all B.S.! As part of her big interview with People on Wednesday, the 58-year-old tried to set the record straight, declaring “there is no argument” between her and her sis. She claimed she doesn’t even know what any of these sources were talking about:

“Someone told me while I was at Ashley’s house, ‘Hey, did you know that they’re saying this about you?’ I went, ‘Huh? I’m fighting with Ashley? Oh. Again?’ Fighting over what? I have such a great life. Ashley has a great life. Why would we be fighting over the will?”

As for this idea she’s going to contest the will, well… She says that “never occurred” to her!

“I am the last person in this family — and if Ashley was here, I’d hope she’d agree with me — who knows stuff like this. I’m not savvy enough to go, ‘I’m going to contest the will.’ It never occurred to me.”

Regarding the will, she says the sisters already spoke about their choice to “split” the estate after Larry’s passing!

As far as Wynonna’s concerned, the only reports that have been accurate are the ones about the sisters relying on one another after their mom’s passing. She explained:

“I feel like we’re connected in a way that is so different because I’m an orphan. Both my parents are gone, and I’m relying on Ashley. She’s relying on me in a different way that’s about compassion. It’s not about being successful and smart and capable. It’s about, ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you, too.’ We’re vulnerable with each other, and we’re tender.”

She admitted there’s definitely old beefs there, but that’s water under the bridge in this case:

“As sisters, we disagree on so much. But when it comes to our mother, we both look at each other and go, ‘She was quite the character.’”

Hmm, well there you have it! We wonder if Ashley will agree with all that…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is the tension still there or have they finally made it over that hill? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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