Nicki Minaj Says Grammys Gaslight Her Fans Amid Reports She Has 5 Nods

todayOctober 19, 2022



Nicki Minaj claims that the ongoing melee with her song “Super Freaky Girl” being removed from the rap category is the Grammys gaslighting her fans.

In an Instagram Live with Mack Maine on Sunday, Nicki Minaj called out the Recording Academy for seemingly deflecting from addressing the reason she was removed from the category.

“Instead of Grammys coming out and saying we aren’t changing our decision because we honestly don’t give a f***, they said, ‘well, we’re not gonna respond to why we moved Super Freaky Girl into a pop category, we’re just gonna tell all the black people and the hip hop culture that well Nicki is nominated in the rap category… she’s nominated in the rap category for ‘Do We Have A Problem,’ she’s nominated in the rap category for ‘Blick Blick’,” Nicki said.

Nicki Minaj also added that the Recording Academy claims she is in the rap category for other submissions. However, the rapper claims that submitting records doesn’t mean a song will be nominated so that she can submit a pool of songs, and it might not be selected by the nominating committee.

“This is another way that they are gaslighting y’all,” she said.

“I was talking about ‘Super Freaky Girls,’ but the Grammys have not responded to SFG but they have directed y’all attention to ‘Do We Have a Problem’. What does ‘Do We Have A Problem’ have to do with SFG?” the rapper asked.

Nicki Minaj also mentioned Drake and Kanye West’s outspoken statements against the Grammy, including Drake being upset at the organization for placing his rap songs into the pop category.

Nicki Minaj, who has been nominated just shy of a dozen times by the Grammys, has never won an award.
The rapper was not pleased by the Grammys decision and said it ‘gaslit’ her fans with another of her collaboration.

“They just gaslit my fans into telling them ‘well “Do We Have a Problem” is in the rap category so um yea’. So, therefore, we’re supposed to say forget about the reason she spoke about this at all and let’s just say thanks for calling “Do We Have A Problem” rap, Grammys thank you’” Minaj said sarcastically.

The “Starships” rapper’s statement follows the news that her solo track “Super Freaky Girl” was removed from the Grammys rap category and moved to a pop category. Nicki Minaj had initially directed her anger at fellow rapper Latto, who is also nominated in the category for her song “Big Energy.”

On Twitter, Nicki Minaj used Latto’s song as an example of why it should also be moved to the pop category if SFG was pop. However, Latto didn’t like the comparison and messaged the Trinidadian rapper telling her not to use her song in bashing the Grammy.

The rappers ended up squabbling on Twitter last week as they each took jabs about their writing skills and age. Minaj continues to be upset at the shift while Latto’s song remains on the list for best rap song nomination.

In the meantime, the Grammys has not given an explanation for the move.


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