Megan Thee Stallion Reacts To Tasha K Claims On Nicki Minaj Instagram Live

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Tasha K continues to target celebrities with false rumors as she seems to have Megan Thee Stallion as her latest target for gossip.

The YouTuber, who was sued by Cardi B, appeared to get messy after joining Nicki Minaj on an Instagram Live video where she weirdly volunteered information about Megan Thee Stallion’s home while seemingly blaming the Houston rapper for the recent house break-in.

On Friday night, Tasha K’s comments left many wondering about her reasons for targeting Megan, who was featured on Cardi B’s “WAP.” In recent months, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s beef has gotten tense, mainly as Nicki Minaj continues to drag younger rappers who are close to Cardi.

“We’re just talking about Megan. You know she done f##### up Teyana’s house. Teyana had to sell that house,” Tasha K says to Nicki Minaj, who appears clueless about what she is rambling about. “You know Megan was renting that house, and that’s why [she] and [stylist E.J. King] fell out,” Tasha K continues before Minaj asks, “who?”

At some point, Nicki Minaj seems interested in the gossip as she catches on, “Teyana Taylor?” she asks before they both laugh, and Tasha K continues to explain while Minaj chews her ice very loudly but doesn’t say much.

“What I said was Teyana Taylor sold the house that she rented to Megan Thee Stallion,” repeated Tasha K. “Of course, we’re going to say allegedly just in case some details are wrong. However, that was the same house that Teyana had to beg for money from, because Megan, the house got vandalized by her people from her showing off the house.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s house was broken into recently, and thieves made off of valuables amounting to around $300,000. Megan did not comment on the house break-in except to assure fans that she was fine.

On Friday night, not long after the snippet of the Live went viral, the rapper shared a cryptic tweet some fans think is her reaction.

“Weird,” Megan wrote along with the roll eyes emoji.

While Minaj did not say much while Tasha K rambled on, some social media users accused her of being messy and, instead of changing the top, listening to and allowing Tasha K to deliver juicy gossip, knowing that it would be perceived as her continued campaign, against younger rappers who have worked with Cardi B or are friends of hers.

Minaj has been gunning for younger rappers in the past months as she seems upset that the younger rappers are experiencing a much easier music climate than she did as a young rapper.

Last week, Minaj and Latto also had a blowup, with Latto accusing her of bullying her after Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” was kicked out the Grammys rap category and placed in the pop resulting in the Recording Academy catching some heat for it. Despite the move had nothing to do with the Grammy, Minaj lashed out at Latto, triggering a heated back and forth with the two on Twitter.

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