Diddy’s Home Raids Were ‘Sad To Watch’ Says Charlamagne Tha God

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While a lot of people like 50 Cent and some comedians are making light of what has been happening with Diddy in light of federal authorities raiding his homes, Charlamagne Tha God says it was quite sad to watch it unfold on TV.

The Bad Boy Records founder made headlines last week when the Feds raided his homes in Miami and Los Angeles and removed documents and electronic devices as possible evidence for a reported sex trafficking ring case they’re building against him. The rapper/entrepreneur was not arrested, but his sons, Justin and Christian Combs were detained and placed in handcuffs.

Some folks called out authorities for putting his children in cuffs despite them not being under arrest. Diddy’s attorney also slammed authorities for trashing his homes during their search of his premises. Diddy’s private jet was also spotted in the Caribbean island of Antigua hours after the raid, leaving some in the media to speculate that he was fleeing the country amid a possible indictment.

It turns out that was not the case. The rap mogul was spotted last weekend in Miami with Stevie J and appeared to be in great spirit, laughing with friends.

Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz have now weighed in on the drama that unfolded on their The Brilliant Idiots podcast. The Breakfast Club host shared that the entire ordeal made him quite sad.

“This is a f***ing raid,” Charlamagne said while noting that the raid was upsetting to watch on TV. “I don’t know, man, I just don’t like it. I don’t like it because it’s sad. How many peoples’ legacies have we watched burn to the ground? From Russell Simmons, Diddy.”

“It’s just one emotion?” he added. “Y’all all lying to yourselves if you say, ‘Yeah good for them, f*** them!’ These guys f***ing provided the soundtrack to our lives. They contributed to the culture in real ways before we knew any of this sh*t … You have feelings, you have mixed emotions.”

Andrew Schulz, on the other hand, made light of the situation, saying he was invited by Diddy to fly to Antigua for spring break. On Monday (April 1), 50 Cent also shared a clip from one of his stand-up comedy gigs in which he took a few digs at Diddy.

Stay tuned to Urban Islandz for more updates on the situation with Diddy.

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